Fighting Back Against Real Challenges During Unprecedented Times

Sisters and Brothers,

At SEIU Healthcare, our first priority is our members.

Greedy corporations and the Ontario government do not want workers to organize because they do not want their authority or decisions to be criticized or challenged. In a time of crisis, we will not stop using our voices so that you are heard, and your needs are met:

  • Job Security,
  • Health and Safety,
  • Access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),
  • Fair wages and full-time jobs,
  • Good Benefits and a pension.

Despite the very real challenges facing healthcare workers like you, we have been successful in achieving additional supports. Our advocacy led to the federal government giving provincial governments money specifically for healthcare workers. Unfortunately, the provincial government and employers mismanaged the roll-out and their decisions meant not all workers who deserved the increase received it. We know that this is unjust and unfair.

More recently, the federal government announced plans to fund paid sick leave for workers without it. While we do not have all the details yet, we will continue to press on this important initiative and make sure it works for you.

As we enter the second half of the year, we will not stop fighting for your rights and will continue to challenge any actions or Bills that threaten them. The road ahead will not be easy but together will make sure the words “healthcare hero” are met with real action and real support for you and your family.


Sharleen Stewart
President, SEIU Healthcare