Important Bargaining Updates: Withdrawal Management Unit

Your SEIU Bargaining Team met with the hospital virtually on February 9, 11, and March 15, 2021, to negotiate and renew the Withdrawal Management Unit Collective Agreement.

We called upon the appointed Conciliator from the Ministry of Labour to assist the parties in coming closer together with the proposals presented by each side after the parties were unsuccessful in agreeing to the initial dates of negotiations.

The parties met again on April 26, however, we were unsuccessful in our attempts to arrive at what we believe to be a fair and equitable Collective Agreement. It was clear the parties were at an impasse. We requested the Conciliator to issue a “No Board Report” which will lead us to arbitration and/or mediation to resolve the outstanding issues.

Your Bargaining Team, to say the least, is frustrated with the minimal movement from the hospital. The hospital tabled proposals that reflected significant take-aways from existing language and rights currently held by the membership. Your team would not agree to such proposals.

As you are aware, we are further challenged by the compensation restrictions of Bill 124. SEIU in coalition with other unions launched a joint Charter Challenge to repeal Bill 124 and eliminate the 1% cap on total compensation, which is currently impacting our bargaining abilities on monetary improvements. As details of bargaining are confidential, we cannot share specifics from the bargaining meetings. It is essential to maintain accurate and clear negotiations communication will all our members. Updates will continue as we move through the process in the upcoming months. Please make sure to check your email regularly for any news.

If you have any questions, please contact your union representative Patti Lang at p.lang@seiuhealthcare.ca.