Important Update For Michael Garron Hospital Workers

– For FT Service and FT Clerical SEIU Healthcare members –

Unfortunately, during the peak of the holiday season and a time when the pandemic is at its worst, NOWU – a small, non-healthcare union without the power, resources or experience to properly represent you – has triggered a union representation vote that could put your safety, security and stability as a hospital worker in jeopardy.

With multiple units at Michael Garron Hospital in a COVID-19 outbreak, NOWU is deliberately exploiting workers in a vulnerable moment. NOWU doesn’t care about hospital workers, they only exist to create disfunction for their own benefit.

During the most uncertain public health crisis in a generation, you deserve protection, not unnecessary risk imposed on you by NOWU.

NOWU is run by a group of unprofessional men that are more interested in serving airport and transportation workers than serving the unique interests of healthcare workers like yourself. In fact, after only a couple of years with the organization, Mount Sinai Hospital workers are already leaving NOWU because of their broken promises, bullying and failed representation.
As a healthcare-only union with over 70 years of experience, your safety and security remain top priority at SEIU Healthcare. Since the start of this pandemic, we have fought for and won:

Better PPE: We sued the government and achieved clearer access to better protections with Directive #5. That means all healthcare workers in outbreak cannot be denied access to N95 masks. It is now your right because we won.

Pandemic Pay: We worked with the federal government to fund pandemic pay for all essential workers. Unfortunately, the provincial government bungled implementation of that plan leaving some workers in the cold. SEIU Healthcare continues to fight to deliver pandemic pay for all hospital workers.

Worker Compensation: We win over $1 million per year for hospital workers who are forced off work due to workplace illness or injury. This year alone we’ve helped thousands of workers with COVID-19 related claims. SEIU Healthcare is ready to keep you secure in this pandemic.

With so much at stake, we urge you to join with your fellow members in voting YES to continue with a strong and stable union .
Interested in learning more or have questions about the vote? We’re here to help. Get in touch by contacting us at 416-809-1535.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, and with increasing hospital and ICU numbers, you need safety, security and stability, not chaos.

We are proud to fight for you during this difficult time.