PAY Equit

Pay Equity Legal Action Starting January 2021

SEIU Healthcare will be commencing next steps in our legal battle to win pay equity for workers at Michael Garron Hospital. Executives within hospital management have put off giving you what you’re owed for too long.

Starting in January 2021, your SEIU Healthcare pay equity legal team will be a party to an arbitration hearing. We have filled for an expedited process that could force the hospital into a binding agreement to carry out the next phases of our pay equity legal process.

This work is only possible because your union has a dedicated pay equity legal team to put more money in your pocket. We’re putting your dues to work to win this battle.

Pay equity is a real priority for SEIU Healthcare because we believe that every hardworking woman deserves equal pay for work of equal value. We’ve won pay equity for workers at other hospitals, and we won’t stop until we win for Michael Garron Hospital workers, too.

SEIU Healthcare won’t stop fighting to keep you safe and secure. As a healthcare-only union, we believe all members of the hospital team deserve economic security just as they deserve physical security.

As the pandemic rages on, we continue to demand Premier Ford’s government at Queen’s Park re-instate Pandemic Pay for all healthcare workers.

We will continue to keep you well informed of the next steps as we enter the new year.

For further information, please contact SEIU Healthcare’s Member Resource Centre at 1-877 MRC SEIU (672-7348).

In Solidarity,
SEIU Healthcare Pay Equity team and Servicing Team